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Green is the New Black!

Let's talk green!

While talking money is something most of us would be interested in, the subject at heart is greenery, like plants, flowers, succulents, etc. Creating a space that is inviting, stylish and on trend always requires a hint of greenery to break up some of the neutral patterns, bold accented decor pieces. Bonus: if you choose to go for a more real, natural plant, it provides tons of health benefits like air purification!

If you like watching movies or have a particular TV show you love, you should pay attention to the decor in the background and notice how the interior designers stage certain planter pots in specific scenes. Have no fear though, you don't need a green-thumb to add some greenery to your space. You can easily shop for faux plants ready-made in cute pots at home goods or craft stores (though they might run you a pretty penny). If you're more of a DIY-er, your local craft stores are your best bet to find mix & match faux plants & flowers to create the greenery masterpiece I always knew you had in you.

If you'd like to incorporate live plants, I would suggest buying a plant that requires low maintenance (like minimal light exposure and little water). As I mentioned, real plants helps remove odors, purify air and boost healing. The benefits of real plants in your home or work-space go beyond "reducing carbon dioxide levels": They increase humidity which is often great for asthmatic individuals. Plants reduce the levels of certain pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide and it help keep air temperatures down" (Ambius:

I have provided a list of plants that don't require extra babysitting. With some google university and some tender, love and care, your plants will be sure to thank you by growing and flourishing.

Plants are essential for everyday home decor


  • Make sure you know what plants to buy based on your own health conditions

  • If you have a pet, make sure you know which plants to buy based on your pet's health conditions (yes, plants can very well affect your fur-baby)

  • Faux plants are easy to make; there are tons of YouTube guides, so find one that fits your style and get to crafting!

  • Find an empty-corner, a bare wall or a coffee table top and add some green! (Homegoods has great, faux plants at a great price)

My Top 5 Low-Maintenance Plants that are easy to care for and require little to zero sunlight:

  1. Ivy Plant

  2. Cast Iron Plant

  3. Snake Plant

  4. Chinese Evergreen

  5. Aloe Vera

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