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Marvelous Multipurpose Mudrooms

Hey guys!

Halen here- one of the interior designers at Ivyleaf Interior. We have seen a major change in the way families function starting from where they first walk into their homes- the mudroom. Yup, you heard me right! When I first moved into my home back in 2020, I loved the existing space, but the one thing I couldn’t stand was the laundry room. From the overwhelming wallpaper to the small, dungeon-like, placement right underneath the stairs, the interior designer in me needed a solution and fast.

mudroom entryway
Mudroom After

Mudroom/Laundry Before

With some space planning, lots of sketch paper, and endless imagination, my dream multipurpose laundry room turned into an incredible mudroom, serving as a huge landing spot for my home. The room now consists of a laundry folding station, a mudroom area with a bench and hooks for jackets and bags, extra storage space for all my backstock items, as well as my dog’s spa complete with a walk-in doggie shower.

Original Conceptual Drawing

I know what you’re thinking, “Do I really need all of this?” Of course not, but wouldn’t it be nice to have? When changing any space in your home I think the first place to start is by looking at how your household functions in the day to day. For us, our dogs go on hikes and get muddy any chance they get so a doggie bath station was absolutely essential for us. A huge folding area was a game changer because it eliminated piles of clean clothes scattered around the house, which is often an overlooked element of a laundry room. Lastly, adding deep cabinets provides the storage space we really needed to help us stay organized and tidy.

Mudroom with Doggie Bath

If you are thinking about revamping your laundry room into a multipurpose space, what would you add? We would love to help you come up with the space of your dreams! From paint color, tile options, reconfiguring your existing layout, we are here to make the most of your space. Also, be sure to check out our organization services as well to help you feel your best when you’re at home. That’s the point, right?

Halen Adair and Gus

With all the love- your friendly designer,

Halen Adair

Ivyleaf Interior Team

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