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As the founder and visionary of Ivyleaf Interior Decor, I believe your home should be a reflection of your true essence. Whether your personality is calm, cool and collected or more bold and daring, your home decor should not only be eye catching ━ it should capture who you are at heart.  That’s where Ivyleaf iD comes in; helping to reclaim your vision for your home!


No matter the space, budget, or deadline, Ivyleaf can help you create a look that you will not only love but one with endless versatility. Our team of active-listeners partner with you to identify and anticipate your design needs while keeping acute attention to detail. We make the process seamless, with exceptional project management, creative insight and dedication to client satisfaction. Experience interior decor made simple with Ivyleaf iD.

Although I am a woman of many hats, my proudest role is that of wife to my rockstar-of-a-hubby Idus and mother to our amazing girls, Ivery, Isley & Iyla.  Our family is the source of endless inspiration and is the glowing soul in all that I do.




Hey! I’m Ashlee, the introspective, quiet one. I’ve had a penchant for all things design for as long as I can remember. From drawing my dream house at 6 years old & sketching wedding dresses for my 3rd grade teacher, to up-cyling my wardrobe & diy-ing my bedroom decor in high school, my purpose has always been brewing inside of me. I would be well into adulthood before turning my love for creativity & aesthetics into a viable career. 


I earned my B.F.A in Fashion Marketing & Design in 2013, and in 2017, shifted my focus to interiors. I started taking projects in 2018, and joined the IvyLeaf team in 2022. The design process knowledge I picked up in fashion school has served me well, and I enjoy soaking up every bit of design knowledge I come across along the way. I’m a bit of a style chameleon, so my personal aesthetic ebbs and flows with whatever phase of life I’m in.  


Outside of my role as a designer, I’m a mom and a two time combat veteran, having served 16 years in the Army Reserves. My free time is spent making memories with my son, binge watching Netflix, working out, or sharing new dining experiences around the city with friends.


To future clients: The spaces you inhabit should be a direct reflection of who you are and where you are going. My goal is to help bring your visions to fruition and exceed your expectations by learning who you are, how you live, your needs, wants, and how you wish to feel in your home. There is a particular joy that comes from making your house a home, and I look forward to working with you.


Hii. I'm Halen and I couldn’t be more excited for you to get to know a little about me. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia- I guess you could say I’m a Georgia peach! I have two adorable dogs named Gus and Harley, they fill my heart with so much joy. Some of my hobbies include hiking, camping, florals, and of course, interior design!

My love for interior design began at an early age. Growing up with a father in the construction industry allowed me to truly appreciate the process from the outside in. In 2016, I took an internship with a construction company which is where the passion grew even more. I love working with all kinds of people (I’m an extrovert) and my greatest motivation is helping people love their homes again.


I would say my design aesthetic is modern farmhouse. I grew up riding horses so a lot of that old barn charm influences my design decisions. Shiplap is the soul of my home and all things Bright White by Sherwin Williams. My favorite part about my job is seeing the clients’ faces during that final walkthrough. Making people happy makes me happy and this job allows me to do just that.


This position is so unbelievably rewarding and I hope to continue making a positive impact on homeowners/renters for years to come. I can’t wait to meet you and your soon-to-be beautiful home.

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