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Adjusting my Sheer Navy & White 96' Curtains

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Curtains play a pivotal role in the types of ambiance you're wanting to create. Do you want your home to look clean and simple? Maybe white, sheer curtains can do the trick. Do you want a room to standout and have boldness? Maybe a Spice trellis pattern might give you the spunk you need. Are you wanting to keep the room playful and cozy? Maybe a navy diamond weave pattern is what you need. Google those! I've come across quite a few folks who could care less for curtains. The moment I suggest a pair of curtains to a client, I immediately hear their eyes rolling. I know what you're thinking, curtains are 'spensive! I get it, trust me, I had to treat 5 windows (total of 10 curtains) on our first floor and I'm still missing a pair in the office.

Tan & White Curtains in my Daughter's Bedroom

I know window treatment can get expensive, but adding curtains throughout your home allows you to manipulate how much light exposure you want, gives you the privacy you need from your chatty neighbors and creates an implicit warmth to the home. It is important that you choose curtains that are long enough and wide enough for the windows you're wanting to treat. So pull out the measuring tape and take precise calculations. because there are important questions to be had prior to purchasing curtains. Do you know if you need 84 inches or 96? Is the bottom of your window closer to the baseboard or higher up? How high are you wanting to hang the curtains, right above the top of the window trim or a bit higher to create longer walls? Do you want your curtains to hang along the baseboards or swiftly sweep the floor? Now, do you know what colors or patterns you want? What type of furniture are already in the home to compliment the curtains? Tons of questions, right?

If you've noticed, I'm using curtainS with an S, as in plural. That's because you almost always want to hang two curtains along one window or set of doors. Unfortunately, good quality curtains are tend to be sold individually, though some home decor stores usually give them away when they are making space for new inventory (my favorite time to shop!). When you purchase two curtains, rather than one, it creates clean, symmetrical lines down your window pane.

Close up of the Diamond-Weave Pattern Curtains

Another point of contention, I've discovered, is choosing the right curtain rod. Believe it or not, curtain rods, too come in different sizes, shapes and colors. Do you know if the width of the window you're treating falls within a 36-66in range or maybe a 66-120in? Do you want a brushed nickel finish or are you wanting a more gunmental approach? Have you considered a swirl ball rod or a simple flat square drapery? Am I speaking French? Pull out the measuring tape and measure the width of the window to determine how many inches it falls between and look up some different rods that follow your budget but can also compliment your interior decor.

Personally, I remember having to visit 4 different locations of the same store to get all the curtain rods I needed to treat the windows and patio double doors because I wanted consistency and simplicity. I didn't think anyone would realize that all of my curtain rods were exactly the same until my husband's Great Aunt Doris came to visit from North Carolina. She's about 80 something years young and hip like a whip, she looked up and said "I love how you have all of the same curtain rods, that's very detailed." I smiled because I didn't do it to be noticed, but because it's that attention to detail that has allowed me to thrive and build my interior decor business.

Flat Squared Curtain Rods in Master Bedroom

Even if no one notices, take pride in ensuring that your home is a reflection of you and your family. You will eventually look up at all of the work you've put into your sweet home, and those curtains and rods, believe it or not, will be right there looking back at you!

Mix of two different curtain types

Need help picking out curtains for your space? Don't know what to measure or how to measure to order the right size curtains or rods for your windows? Do patterns overwhelm you?

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-Jeannelly Jay

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