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Don't Look Back

Hey Friend Hey,

Today's blog will be more of a vlog because life has been moving at light-speed and so I thought to change things up a bit as I'm sure you all would prefer a before and after install, in video form.

To give you some context, we closed on our home February 2018, that means, it has been a complete year and some change of treating our upstairs foyer area like an abandoned step-child. I think it's because you know that no one other than the people living there will essentially see that space, therefore, subconsciously, it gets pushed down the list of priorities.

Most of our family and friends had already been in and toured our home during our housewarming, therefore, even if I invested the time and energy to sprucing up our transitional space, it's not like anyone would see it, per se.

And in that very breath, I was like "wait a minute!" I would see it. We would see it. Interior decor isn't for others, as much as it is for you and the families living and engaging in that space, every single day. And so, with that new outlook, I got to work.

As I was planning and creating yet another wall of portraits, my two year old saw herself in photo form and yelled out "Ivery!" I realized then that the upstairs foyer area probably needed the most TLC because it was like a little hidden gem, that no one else would truly enjoy but us. Now, every time I leave my bedroom and take four steps into the laundry room, I look down the hallway in glee. Every time I have to go into my daughter's room, grab towels from the linen closet or get the guest room ready for out of town travelers, the decor is simply, for us. Looking at the space gives us this feeling of family and warmth and coziness vibes, which are the types of moods Ivyleaf Interior Decor thrives off.

So without further ado, here is a quick video of how I revamped my upstairs foyer area!


If you like to see more videos like these, get ready because we're turning it up a notch!

Please subscribe to our Youtube channel and be on the look out for 'how-to's', 'before & afters' and client installs!


As always, thank you for coming back each week!

Let's chat: What is your favorite piece? Comment below.

-Jeannelly Jay

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